SNOOPER DVR-WF1 Full HD Dash Cam –


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SNOOPER DVR-WF1 Full HD Dash Cam -
Record your drive and steer safe from insurance scams with the Snooper DVR-WF1 Full HD Dash Cam. This device is an all-in-one solution that you can simply mount behind your rearview mirror and it will keep recording your view as soon as you start the car.With the Full HD resolution you'll pick up important details like license plates. Its 150° wide angle lens ensures all parts of the road ahead and to the sides are captured. You can view your records in the app – just connect to WiFi.The DVR-WF1 records in up to ten-minute loops and once storage is full, it rewrites the oldest recordings. An 8 GB memory card comes included, and if you need more space, you can upgrade up to 32 GB.The camera has a built-in G-sensor that measures impact automatically. When an accident is registered, it will save a recording of 15 seconds before and after the impact. Its GPS tracker adds the location details and Google Maps overlay for easy viewing.